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  • Oil Quenched, Impact Resistant steel with superior Abrasion resistance after Impact.
  • Work Hardens from 470BHN to 550 + BHN with Impact.
  • TRIP Effect = elasticity in the steel = unique flexibility and resistance to cracks / chipping / tearing
  • No pre/post heating + low hydrogen rod for Welding


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  • 11-14% Manganese / 1-1.4% Carbon
  • Excellent Impact Resistance/ Work-Hardens from 250 BHN to 550 BHN with Impact.
  • Austenitic (non-magnetic) properties

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  • Unmatched Abrasion Resistant steel alloyed with Titanium Carbides.
  • Excellent Impact Resistance with similar characteristics of ENDURA
  • Designed to increase the life of sever sliding/abrasion conditions where Moly-Bond and Hard Facing are used.
  • Unlike Moly-Bond and Overlay this steel is capable of being FORMED into curved parts.
  • Unlike Moly-Bond and Overlay this steel is more resistant to cracking, chipping, tearing
  • Unlike Hard Faced / Overlay , ENDURA Dual arrives on site ready to perform without significant man hours required to hard face.


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