800 Ton Static Load Test

Rock Injector Points
Purpose of test: The purpose of the test was to determine the static load which the Titus HPP-R-12-HD Rock Injector could withstand without deformation, cracking, or bending. This test was a follow up to test completed November 13, 200.

Date:June 24, 2010
Location: Cutler Machine Works, Burlington Ontario

Witnesses: Mike Usatis – Titus Steel Co.
  Dave Alback – Cutler Machine
  Jack Cutler – Cutler Machine

Procedure: The Titus HPP-R-12-HD was placed in a 1,000 brake press. Pressure on the press was gradually increased to 790 tons with no distortion to the Rock Injector.

At 793 tons the press exhibited signs of stress on the pins and the test was terminated.

Visual Observations: The Rock injector was removed from the bed and visually inspected by all observers and there were no signs of distortion, or cracking. The rust prevention paint did show some minor flaking or peeling. The rock injector was then sandblasted and examined for a second time. No evidence of distortion or cracking was detected.

Conclusions: All observers agreed that the Titus Rock Injector would withstand at least 800 tons of static load.

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