2085 Stainless

2085 Stainless mold steel is a resulfurized, prehardened (300HB) and corrosion resistant mould steel

2085 grade is a 16% Cr mold steel with improved corrosion resistance properties, thanks to the addition of chromium. Furthermore, specific sulfur improves the machinability response.

The grade delivered in quenched and tempered condition has a fully bainite martensite microstructure and a typical hardness of 320 HB. The grade is not designed for highly finished, polished or etched surfaces.

This steel is commonly used for mould steel applications including holders or support plates,subjected to wet working and / or storage conditions. The grade is also used for the manufacturing of corrosive materials like PVC.

· 16 % chrome mold & die steel
· 320 HB (34) RC)
· Mold bases, hot runners, cores, inserts
· Ideal for wet working conditions




Mechanical Properties


Physical Properties

Metallurgical Properties


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2085 Stainless Steel




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